BIO: Angie Jones is a contemporary American artist residing in Los Angeles at the largest art colony in the world - The Brewery Arts Complex. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, she moved to California in 1995 to work as an animator in the motion picture industry. After two decades working on award winning Hollywood Blockbusters, Jones returned to traditional mediums and original content through painting. Angie's work has been included in group shows at galleries and museums nationwide including the Laguna Art Museum, James Gray Gallery, Fullerton Art Museum, and The Chandler Center for Art in Arizona.
STATEMENT: “Participating Perception”
My work begins not in the digital and not in the physical, but in the mix that our minds make of the two.
The abstracted paintings mirror our 8-bit, computer generated counter culture. The "peak shift" palette and portrayal of persona through paint is inspired by my 20 year career as an artist working in Visual Effects, Video Games and Animation. Maintaining one foot in the past and another in the future I use digital manipulation, 17th century oil painting techniques, sacred geometry, the computer glitch and complex color theories. Mine, is a deconstructed, neo-geo perspective defined by creating something new, from something old and making it new again. Influenced by the genres of Abstract Expressionism, Fauvist Painting, and Neo Conceptualism, I mix these with modern day sitters and represent idiosyncratic faces. The goal is to capture the essence of what makes us uniquely human reclaiming depth and beauty from the cold impersonal nature of digital imagery making it human and humane again.
Instead of sketching first, I open a photograph and draw triangles on top of the image in the computer graphics software to describe the planes and surface of the face. Then, I build the object in 3D computer software to envision the piece in the round. A fractured perspective of geometric shapes (specifically polygonal triangles) creates the entire form. Thin glazes in the tradition of 17th century painting are applied to create a rich vivid color study similar to stained glass. Through these planes of color the viewer’s perception is created in the same way as an impressionist piece works. The closer you are to these works, the more abstract they become. Further away, the image reorganizes. The image therefore possesses a specific reality, settling between the object and the viewer who recreates it. The viewer must be present to create the work.
The neo/geo-nature of my work is like a coil that returns to the beginning and cycles back again. I trace a loop to a cultural past, and a return to my own work. I am questioning influences on society and our role within a culture bombarded by flickering screens, technology and commercialism. I compose from the interaction created with space and require a dialog with the viewer to create the final piece.
This is what I call participating perception.



The Skull Show, Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA
Of History and Hope, Flower Pepper Gallery, Pasadena, CA
Brewery Artwalk, Los Angeles, CA


Beverly Hills artShow, Beverly Hills Gardens, CA
Hounds of Love, Cella Gallery, Hollywood, CA
Through Our Eyes, Artificium, Eagle Rock, CA
Pussycat Challenge, Art Share LA, Los Angeles, CA


Beverly Hills artShow, Beverly Hills Gardens, CA
Historic Seeley Artwalk, Glendale, CA
MFA Exhibit, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA
Cannibal Flower Group Show, Los Angeles, CA
Full Deck, Fullerton Art Museum , San Bernardino, CA


1984 Group Show, Barabara's West, Los Angeles, CA
Full Deck, Museum of Art , South Bend, IN
Cannibal Flower Group Show, Los Angeles, CA
Full Deck, Rockford Art Museum Rockford, IL
Full Deck, Chandler Center, Chandler, AR


Full Deck, Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA
A Mute of Hounds, Gallery Meltdown, Hollywood, CA
Decked Out, Cactus Gallery, Eagle Rock, CA
Cannibal Flower Group Show, Los Angeles, CA
Daydream Republic, Los Angeles, CA
Within The Shadows, New Puppy Gallery, LA, CA


Wisdom Within Us, Create Fixate, Los Angeles, CA
Visual Amalgam, James Gray Gallery, Los Angeles, CA



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MFA,LCAD, Laguna Beach, CA
Painting (anticipated Spring 2015)


LAAFA, Van Nuys, CA
Drawing Studies


Kline Academy, Culver City, CA
Painting Studies


BFA, ACA(SCAD), Atlanta, GA
Electronic Arts



2014 LMU, Visiting Professor, LA, CA
2012-2013 Angie Jones Studio, Private Instruction, LA, CA
2011-2014 USC, Adjunct Faculty, LA, CA
2011-2014 iAnimate, Instructor, LA, CA
2010-2011 Gnomon School of VFX, Instructor, LA, CA





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